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Gemmy Industrial Corp., Taiwan

Laboratory Equipment for Biomedical and General Laboratory Application : (a) Orbital Shaker (b) Vortex Mixer (c) Roller Mixer.


Genfine Biotech (Beijing) Co., Ltd., China

Automated magnetic Particle Processor f􀀁or Virus DNA/RNA K􀀄it 􀀅􀀂Magnetic 􀀆Beads􀀇: (a) Purifier HT Magnetic Particle Processor  (b) Purifier32 Magnetic Particle Processor  (c) Virus DNA􀀒/RNA K􀀐it 􀀆Magnetic Beads􀀈 for C􀀌OV􀀛D􀀅19 Application  (d) Virus DNA􀀒/RNA K􀀐it 􀀆Magnetic Beads􀀈 for 3rd-Party Open System


GINEVRI srI, Italy

Bilirubinometer Analyzer : One Beam Analyzer Using Centrifuged 2 Drops of Whole Blood. 


HemoCue AB, Sweden

POCT Analyzers : (a) Hb 201 (Primary Care) Hemoglobin Analyzer (b) Hb 301 (Blood Bank) Hemoglobin Analyzer (c) Plasma Low Hb (Quality Check for Plasma) Hemoglobin Analyzer (d) HbA1c Analyzer 501 (e) WBC Diff (5 Part Differential WBC Count)  (f) Glucose 201 RT Glucose Analyzer


Guangdong Hosensys Technology, Inc, China 

Mobile Traffic Enforcement Products and Systems : (a) In-Car Radar System (b) Automated Number Plate Recognition System 


Isopharm Limited, United Kingdom

HTM 01-05 (Helix Test) Steam Penetration Test for Type B Vacuum Autoclave. 


Jumper Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., China

Dual-mode Forehead and/or Ear Infrared Thermometer


KBW Packaging Limited, UK

Small Batch Production Equipment : (a) Tablet Counting Machine (b) Liquid Filling, Capping and Labelling Machines for Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Toiletries and Cosmetic Markets.


Kuang-Chi Space Technology Co., Ltd., China

Smart Infrared Helmet for Mobile Thermal Imaging Scanning


Kustom Signals Inc., US

Traffic Safety And Eyewitness Equipment for Law Enforcement : (a) Video Laser (b) Police Laser (LIDAR) Speed Guns (c) Police Car Radar and Speed Guns (d) Police Dash Cam In-Car Video (e) Police Body Worn Camera System

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