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Daihan Labtech, Korea

Laboratory Equipment for Biomedical and General Laboratory Applications : Automatic Benchtop Water Still , Chest and Upright Ultra Low Temperature Deep Freezer, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Refrigerators, Laboratory Freezer, Benchtop Class B Square Chamber Autoclaves, Floor Standing Class S Autoclaves, Benchtop and Big Capacity Vacuum Drying Oven, Hot Air/UV Oven, Benchtop and Floor-Standing Shaking Incubator, Universal Laboratory Drying Oven, Universal Laboratory Incubator, Aging Test Oven, BOD Incubator Peltier Cooled Incubator, Air Jacket CO2 Incubator, Air Sterilized Purifier, Plant Growth Chamber, Culture Chamber, Growth Chamber, Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber, Thermal Shock Test Chamber, Stability Test Chamber, Environmental Test Chamber


Zhejiang DALI Technology Co., Ltd., China

Infrared Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Rapid Screening Equipment System : (a) Model DM60-W1 Online Human Body Temperature Infrared Thermal Imaging Rapid Screening (b) Model TE-W300 & TE-W400 Handheld Human Body Temperature Infrared Thermal Thermal Imaging Rapid Screening.


DLAB Scientific Inc., China

Laboratory Equipment for Biomedical and General Laboratory Application : Pipettors, Hotplate and Magnetic Stirrers, Shakers, Mixers and Rotators, Overhead Stirrers, Rotary Evaporators, Centrifuges, Thermo Controls, Thermo Cyclers, Spectrophotometers


Diagnostische Systeme und Technologien GmbH., Germany 

POCT Allergy Test and Food Intolerance Test : (a) Fastcheck POC 20 Allergy Rapid Test covers 90% Of The Most Common Allergies  (b) NutriSmart Food Intolerance Rapid Test - 57 Foods Tested With Just One Drop Of Finger Prick Blood. 


Edan Instruments, Inc, China

POCT Blood Gas & Chemistry Analysis and Immunoassay Analysis : (a) Blood Gas & Chemistry Analysis System Model : i15 Using Test Cartridge Technology (Zero Maintenance As Sample IS Self Contained Within The Test Catridge). A Lightweight Unit It Can Be Hand Carried And Has A Built In Battery For Emergency Use AT Other Sites If Required. (b) Magnetic Immunoassay Analysis System Model : M16 Can Be Used For Cardiac Marker Test. Test Cartridges Are Single Use, Sample Is Whole Blood And Results Available In 15 Minutes. (c) Colloidal Gold-Labeled Immunoassay Analysis System Model : CT3 Tests For Cardiac Markers, Hormones, Tumour Markers And Inflammatory Markers. 


Eurotrol B. V., Netherlands

Quality Control (QC) Solution for Real Hemoglobin : (a) Hemotrol (QC Hb 201 System) (b) Hb 301 Control (QC Hb 301 System) (c) Plasma Low Hb Control (QC Plasma Low Hb System).


Four E’s Scientific Co., Ltd, China

Laboratory Equipment for Biomedical and General Laboratory Applications : Magnetic Stirrer, Rotator, Dry Bath Incubator, Shaker, Centrifuge, Laboratory Dispenser. 

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