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Covid-19 Product


Product Name: Handheld Body Surface Temperature (BST) Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Model: TE-W300


Public health authorities globally have been looking for a rapid, reliable, non-invasive solution to detect elevated human body surface temperature (EBT), triggered in recent years due to the severe outbreaks of respiratory-based diseases such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), and most recently coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The use of infrared thermal imaging can equip the user (eg. public spaces related public and private entities) with a diagnostic tool to detect people with EBT because although no thermal camera can claim to detect or diagnose any virus/infection, elevated human body temperature frequently is a reliable indicator of an infection.

The Handheld Body Surface Temperature (BST) Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera can therefore detect EBT in high-traffic public places through quick non-invasive individual screening, enabling the user to take quickly take further action to contain or limit the spread of highly contagious diseases.


Mobile Brochure

PDF, 1,714kb


  • FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT: Mobile Handheld Operation Using Battery Power, Anywhere, Anytime or 24 Hours Non-stop Operation using
    Electrical Power 

  • HIGH HYGIENE: Non-contact screening prevents cross-contamination

  • RAPID MEASUREMENT: Fast and reliable real-time temperature measurement

  • EASE OF USE: Automatic calibration without need for human intervention

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