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Covid-19 Product > Diagnostic : EasyNAT UC0102


Product Name: EasyNAT Real-Time CPA Isothermal Amplification Molecular Test Analyser

Model: UC0102


The Real-Time CPA Isothermal Amplification Molecular Test Analyser (coupled with the appropriate kit) requires minimally processed samples, enables reduced analysis time, avoids overtly complex application, and is highly accurate for in-vitro qualitative detection of various diseases such as COVID-19 and Tuberculosis (TB) through sequence-based amplification of specific genes using the isothermal Cross Priming Amplification (CPA) method.


Mobile Brochure

PDF, 1,714kb


  • Integration: Fully automatic integration of nucleic acid extraction, amplification, and detection. One step solution.

  • Simple: No sample pretreatment needed, throat and nasal swabs can be directly added to the COVID-19 automatic detection pre-loaded test cartridge. For sputum sample: Add proteinase K buffer, incubate, centrifuge and then add supernatant to the test cartridge.

  • Easy: Pre-mixed reagents test cartridge, no complicated work, one-button operation, fully automatic.

  • Safety: The whole testing process is closed and tested to avoid unnecessary medical staff infection. No professional PCR laboratory setup is required for this 2nd generation POCT molecular test. 

  • Testing Time: Dual channels - 2 concurrent tests in 80 minutes. 

  • Independent:  The detection module is independent and the sample is tested immediately.

  • Accuracy: High sensitivity and specificity.

  • Controllable: The data and information platform is safe and controllable. 

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