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Alcohol Test

Embryologist Adding Sperm to Egg

Alcohol intoxication had a severe implication on the workplace safety, Many accidents have been reported linked with alcohol intoxication. Lion Alcometer is one of the solution to control this problem and to aware the employees of not being under alcohol influence when at work.


 SD 400 PA/P

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  • Rapid screener to detect the presence or absence of alcohol

  • No mouthpiece needed

  • Instant result

  • Suitable for massive alcohol screening at roadside/ in large crowd

  • Dual mode: passive & active


SD 400 PA/P

  • Fully automated and simple to use alcolmeter

  • Accurate analysis using the Lion fuel cell sensor

  • Large illuminated result display

  • A dongle electronic key for calibration security

  • Breath sampling: disposable mouthpiece / reusable sampling cup

  • Detection range: 0.002 - 2.00 mg/L BrAC

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