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Covid-19 Product


Product Name: Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification Instrument

Model: Auto-Pure32A


A device that extracts and purifies nucleic acid by magnetic bead separation technology. It has the advantages of high automation, fast extraction speed, stable results and simple operation.

1-32 samples can be purified simultaneously by Auto-Pure32A. Microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, etc), humans, animals and plant tissues can be extracted quickly with different kinds of nucleic acid reagents extraction/purification. Widely used in scientific research, disease control system, food safety, forensic medicine, clinical monitoring and other fields


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  • Purification of 32 samples in one batch run

  • Convenient and safe drawer movement

  • Screw rod design: Higher operation accuracy

  • Open system: Suitable for various magnetic bead extraction reagents

  • Large guide rail design: Small clearance, more stable structure

  • UV lamp: Avoid cross contamination

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